Block A Chip
Block A Chip™! The same high quality Paint Protection Film used to protect everything from exotic, race cars to family station wagons, is now available for your bike. Regardless if your bike was purchased at a discount store or if you had to take out a second mortgage to finance your ride, the Paint Protection Film is for you! Perfect for road bikes, mountain bikes, weekend cruisers or just about anything on wheels.
A relatively inexpensive and easy to apply solution can protect virtually any painted surface of your pride and joy. The clear, OEM-approved urethane film called 3M™ Paint Protection Film (Scotchcal) can be applied to just about any painted area while allowing your bike’s perfect finish to shine through.
Don't let rocks, road grime, and tar cause damage to your bike frame. Block A Chip™ bicycle Paint Protection Film is super tough, lightweight, easy to install and best of all, it is virtually invisible!
The clear-coated film provides superior appearance, high-gloss finish and resistance to yellowing and staining. Once applied, no special care is required.
Protect your bikes' good looks for years with this simple effective solution.

• A yellowing-resistant, clear protection film that will reduce stone chips and damage on painted surfaces.
• Film is excellent for forks, seat, top, diagonal tubes, chain stays, etc.
• The film can be removed, if necessary, without damaging paint.
• Film will not split or tear.
• Its high-gloss finish is designed to match the clear coat finish of your bike's paint/finish, providing virtually seamless protection.
• The film is ideal for new and repainted bikes.
• Once the film has been properly applied, after the 24-hour period, no special film care needs be taken.
• You will be able to maintain that "like new" look of your bike for years.

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